Our Service

Currently we run an Out Patient Service. This runs from Monday to Saturday from 8am when names begin to be registered. Registration ends at 12 noon. The OPD usually runs up to 2pm.

We are planning to start In Patient admissions in 2022 for chronic disease patients who need detailed investigations and advice on management. This includes diabetic ulcers, uncontrolled hypertension and asthma,

We also have Organic Farming- traditional varieties of rice are grown. There are over a hundred mango trees. Also a large variety of vegetables in winter, Mustard, potaoes, guavas, lemons and citrus fruits, papaya, And of course a wealth of flowers

A new organic chicken area is coming up this year. There is already fish breeding and this too is to be improved in coming months

Then there is Anya Siksha– a complementary education programme for village chilsren of Phulberia, Panjon Pahari, Dhogoria, Jai Nagar and neighbouting villages. It functions before and after the children attend regular school. Computer classes, science experiments, games, cultural activities and a small nutritious snack every day

A hundred Health Workers have been trained so far. Batches join every year in March or April and continue for 6 to 8 months

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