Telemedicine for Rural Healthcare

From the bonded laborer of Palamu to the de-notified tribes of Bengal — Lodhas of Medinipur, Kheria Sabars of Purulia, Dhikaros of Birbhum, we learnt about them from the books of Mahasweta Devi, who spent three decades of her life listening to them and tell us their stories. Many organizations have been working with these tribal communities – trying to teach them livelihood options and help them with education.

Still, malnutrition is rampant, school dropout rates are very high and alcoholism is widespread, especially among the community’s youth. Access to basic medical services is still very poor. They are most often dependent on folk medicines, or a local quack – a pharmacist or an Ayush. 

Major factor which has been the barrier for the tribal communities to the accessibility of medical services are the distance of their villages from nearest town having a government hospital and very poor local transport facility; Considering this, it was decided that Tele-Clinic will be the ideal solution that could bring the basic healthcare facilities in the doorsteps of the people living in remote villages in Purulia and Bankura district of West Bengal.

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