Amader Haspatal’s Tele-Healthcare Project

Jan 2021, the members of Foundation for Health Action, Paschim Banga Kheria Sabar Kalyan Samiti, Majhihira Ashram and Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering met in Amader Haspatal, Fulberia to review the feasibility of bringing basic healthcare facility for the  Sabar tribal communities near Rajnowagarh and the villagers of Majhihira. 

It was decided to start with two tele-clinics; The Spokes – one in Rajnowagarh village and the other in Majhihira, with Amader Haspatal, Fulberia as the Hub. 

A group of young volunteers from these villages  were picked up by the local organisations for their training in basic medical science. These volunteers will operate the Hubs, in consultation with the doctors in Amader Haspatal. In future, it has been decided to invite other doctors from our known circle to join this project and provide consultation from their home.

It has been decided that: 

  1. each clinic will also have a medicine sell’s counter from where generic medicines will be sold to the patients; 
  2. and each patient will be charged a nominal fee, to make this project sustainable.
  3. a local agency with right type of vehicle will be contracted to provide ambulance service to the villagers, if and when necessary;
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