Foundation for Health Action (FHA) is a non-profit organisation (Trust) without any connection with any political party. The organisers come from different strata of the society, with various expertise with one common goal of social service
Mr. S.S Dasbairagi, Deputy Director of Accounts, Finance Dept. Govt. of West Bengal (Trustee)
Dr. Anup Sadhu,Head of Eco-Scan Centre, attached to Medical College, Calcutta (Trustee).
Dr. Asit Chakrabarti,Retired Professor, Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University, Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal (Trustee).
Smt. Krishna Sarkar (Trustee)
Prof. Pijus K. Sarkar is Managing Trustee Prof. Sarkar is also the Resident Physician of Amader Hospital (our Hospital). (http://infochangeindia.org/2006040243/Health/Changemaker/BODHI-Contuining-medical-education-for-healthcare-workers.html )
Active supporters and participants:
Dr. Swapan Jana, a retired medical college teacher and a health activist for more than two decades.
Dr. RL Munichakrabarti, Former Prof. and Head of Architectural Engineering, IIT, Khargapur
Mr. Rambilash Behani, Tata Automobile Dealer, Malda. West Bengal .
Mrs. Malati Behani, Social Activist, Malda, West Bengal.
Dr. (Mrs) Subrata Bhadra, PhD, Retired Principal of College of Nursing , RG Kar Medical College , Calcutta .
Mr. Madhusudan Dhar, Retired Civil Service Officer, West Bengal Government.
Dr. (Mrs.) Sanjukta Das, Reader, PG Dept. of Psychology, Science College , Univ. of Calcutta
Prof. MN Majumdar, Former Head of the Dept. of Chemistry & Dean, Faculty of Science, Kalyani University , West Bengal .
More than one thousand supporters have donated (from Rs. one hundred to one hundred thousand) to FHA.


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