Amader Haspatal

An initiative for Rational Treatment and Training

Amader is run by Foundation for Health Action (FHA) is a non-profit organization (Trust) without any connection with any political party. The organizers come from different strata of the society, with various expertises with one common goal of social service.

The core philosophy of Amader Haspatal, is not to let any patient, however poor or sick, feel humiliated in any way. One of the main reasons why many poor people shun public health facilities – if they exist at all in their areas – is the harshness and indifference with which they are treated by hospital staff. This is about putting the concept of ‘care’ back into healthcare. “There is no way, in a large country like India , we can wait till we have qualified doctors everywhere. We need to engage positively with existing rural doctors and not make them outlaws,”

Why this blog?

  • This is to introduce the institution to the public
  • There is also an organic farm and Anya Siksha- a complementary school
  • We would love to connect with other rural endeavours in India and South Asia
  • Hopefully this will be informative for patients, visitors, supporters and students

You can also see the blogspot, the OPD, another WordPress and the map

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University.

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